Pulse and Birdseed Importer | Distributor

AGT Poortman, a division of AGT Food and Ingredients Inc., is an international importer, distributor and stockist of Pulses including Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas and Peas and Birdseed including Millet, Canary, Sunflower Seed and Blackseed.

Pulse & Birdseed Importer
AGT Poortman is a leading international importer of a wide range of Pulses and Birdseed from around the world, supplying food processors, manufacturers and packagers, along with bird food and pet food manufacturers. Top quality products and guaranteed continuity of supply give Poortman its enviable position as one of the industry’s leading suppliers.

Pulse & Birdseed Distributor
All products are available in quantities from 1mt (one metric tonne) to full containers, and packing can range from 25kg bags to 2mt bags. Delivery programs, from 1mt per month to multiple container loads daily, are scheduled to meet customer requirements.

Pulse & Birdseed Stockist
To ensure continuity of supply for all customers and to meet spot demand, stock is held at four strategic locations in the UK, Holland, Spain, and Italy.

Customer Focus
Purchasers of Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas and Peas; Millet, Canary, Sunflower and Niger Seeds enjoy an excellent working relationship with AGT Poortman. All personnel at AGT Poortman are one hundred percent focused on providing exactly what the customer wants, both in terms of product quality, just-in-time delivery programs and competitive pricing.

Reliable Supply
AGT Poortman has been a Pulse and Birdseed importer, distributor and stockist for over 140 years, with a team of experienced traders specialising in different products and working worldwide to source suitable product. The traders are integral to the success of AGT Poortman, working with suppliers to meet quality and delivery standards, remain competitive and ensure continuity of supply. Risks are spread and managed effectively enabling AGT Poortman to achieve its goal of delivering first quality product on time, every time with no break in supply.

Talk to AGT Poortman
Members of the trading and logistics teams at AGT Poortman are happy to discuss customer requirements for Pulses and Birdseed at any time, and welcome all enquiries. Simply click here to get in touch.

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